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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 26, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

11:00 pm those games will be coming up soon. wisdom? >> i'm take it from here. >> maureen? >> i know, it's wisdom all the time. the news edge does keep coming. wisdom martin in for brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. off the top a developing story out of charles county, maryland. this is video from sky fox above a deadly accident about an hour ago. officers are still on the scene at route 301 and vernon road near waldorf. it's unclear exactly what happened. now to the district where an elderly couple critically hurt after being struck by a bicycle. tonight police are looking for the person pushing the pedals. fox 5's roby chavez in the newsroom with more. >> bicyclists beware if you hit someone on your bike, it's just as bad as hitting them in a car. this morning the elderly couple in their 70s was out for a morning walk when they were hit while walking through an alley. police say the bicyclist never
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looked back. >> it's evident that he knew he hit someone and the preliminary information we have is that he struck both of them almost splitting the two who were walking together. >> reporter: it was a violent hit but not an ordinary hit and run. d.c. police say a bicyclist hit an elderly couple with great force. it happened in an alley near the npr building on massachusetts avenue. >> it was a hit that was significant enough to knock both people over based on what we know and cause a critical injury to a member of the couple who is an elderly gentleman in his 70s and we think he fell pack and hit his head and he's got -- back and hit his head and he's got a very serious injury right now. >> reporter: the all out search for the bicyclist is on. the alley has a camera and so does several surrounding beings. he was last seen head -- buildings. he was last seen heading towards china town on i street and these cameras may help, too. it's a wake-up call for bicyclists who may not know that a hit and run on two wheels is a serious charge.
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>> it could range from negligent homicide if something really bad were to happen to that gentleman all the way down to perhaps simply leaving after colliding or some form of an aggravated assault charge. now there's a range of possibilities, but a bike is a car. it's a vehicle. >> >> reporter: tonight police are looking for witnesses who were out near the npr building this morning. the bicyclist was wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt, dark pants and possibly riding a bmx style bicycle. the news edge continues in d.c. where police arrested six high school students on sexual assault charges. a girl who told police it happened monday at dunbar high school during school hours. officials found out the next day because the girl had gone to the hospital and filed a police report. while a safety advocate wonders how it could have been done and undetected, ward 5 councilman harry thomas jr. says one of the problems is the building itself. >> this school has presented a
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number of problems, is scheduled to be redone pleatly because the architectural structure is -- completely because the architectural structure is quite frankly built like a prison. >> thomas says there have been ongoing security problems with rival neighborhoods, so police stepped up their presence but says security should be increased as well. the edge on maryland where a teen says a school security guard punched her in the face for using a cell phone. arliya mcleod a sophomore at dr. henry a. wise and said the principal wanted her to turn off her cell phone but it was put up and mcleod said when the security guard came with hand cuffs she got scared, called her mom and things got rough. >> that's the part where i try
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to tell my daughter, he'sen going to handcuff you for no cell phone and she -- not going to hand duff you for no cell phone and she said mama -- cuff you for no cell phone and she said mama, yes, they are. >> by the time arliya mcleod was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. a school spokesperson said the security guard was trying to restrain her and did not beat or punch mcleod. the news edge in virginia where school officials are now allowed to seize and search students' personal cell phones and laptops. the attorney general issued the official ruling this week. he says school officials must have a reasonable suspicion that a student has violated the law or school rules. when the attorney general issues an opinion in virginia, it is considered law unless someone challenges it in court. critics say the move could violate students' rights. we now know who elbowed president obama injuring him during a pickup basketball
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game. his name is ray desurega and he works for the congressional hispanic caucus institute. president obama needed 12 stitches to close his busted upper lip. desurega who did not apologize said he learned today that the president is both a tough competitor and a good sport. he also added that he's sure the president will hit the court again soon. come monday congress will return for its lame duck session, but with just four weeks left there's a lot of unfinished business, but time may run out before any significant legislation is passed. in his weekly address president obama urged lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to cooperate, but republicans may not be willing to do so. >> that's why next week i've invited the leadership of both parties to the white house for a real and honest discussion. >> let's face facts. fresh faces alone aren't enough to bring about the course the
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american people are demanding. >> things to do include whether to include the defense authorization bill, repeal don't ask don't tell, whether to extend the bush era tax cuts and unemployment benefits. the economy might have gotten a big boost from black friday shoppers today. we have caught up with a couple of shoppers at montgomery mall who were finding deals and some were unclear as to part of their shopping strategy. >> he's like home base. so we run around, grab, buy, bring it back for him. he keeps watch over it. >> i think it's fun. it really a puts me in the christmas spirit. >> it will be a few days before the numbers are out and we learned just how black black friday was on the books. shoppers today had to bundle up. this is video from northwest tonight, a blast of winter temperatures has moved into the area.
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it could be a frosty morning tomorrow for some of us, gwen tolbart downstairs in the weather center with a look at your frigid forecast. >> frigid is a very good word because those temperatures are really dipping tonight, a far cry from where we have been. heats take a look and see where the numbers -- let's take a look and see why the numbers are, 42 degrees at national airport, 37 at gaithersburg, 36 degrees at martinsburg, 35 hagerstown, 42 annapolis and 48 degrees in baltimore. we're getting clearing skies. we have a few clouds, but skies are gradually clearing out and the winds are another factor. we expect the winds to increase in the overnight hours. now to the north of us they're fairly strong but areas along the blue ridge are under a wind advisory. for tonight a chilly 32 degrees, even colder in the burbs. becoming mostly clear the winds will pick up in the overnight hours. i'll have your full forecast in just a while. back to you. if you didn't get all that
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shopping done on this black friday, there are still plenty of bargains out there, but where are they? don't worry. there's an app for that. and shipping your favorite bottle of alcohol straight to your house, sounds convenient, but some states won't allow. it now congress is taking a closer look. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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savvy shoppers used to cut coupons or call friends to find the best deals. now it's all about apps like this one called black friday. it lets you share whatever deals you find on your facebook wall so you can keep shopping while all your friends get the scoop on the best buys. >> as people coming across the deal that they think somebody in their group of friends might like rather than them wasting time making all the phone calls they can literally post it in their black friday by punching it in and hit submit and it
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goes out to their friends. >> right now the app works with droid but not the iphone. your favorite libation delivered straight to your door, sounds convenient, right? but some suggest shipping alcohol shouldn't be allowed. now congress could take up the issue. fox's adam housely takes a closer look at the battle over bottles. >> reporter: booze through the mail, should wineries, distilleries and breweries be allowed to ship their stuff right to your doorstep? some say no and congress may now weigh in. >> fave states the power to make alcohol policy and -- give states the power to make alcohol policy and not have it constantly challenged in the courts. >> reporter: this bill h.r.3054 is claimed would allow states to declare their boundaries and fairly tax what's shipped in. >> the legislation would not overrun one state law. want laws on the books today in 38 states -- the laws on the
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books today in 38 states that allow for straight shipping would be just as valid the day after this legislation passes as they are today. >> reporter: but opponents agree saying the bill would ban direct shipping and that big wholesalers already have massive control of the market and are pressured by larger producers to squeeze out the small guy. so direct shipping allow everyone to compete fairly. >> this is all about choice, right? and the bill that is proposed takes away consumer choice. it's an anti-choice amendment and an anti-constitutional amendment that attempts to do an end around that allows the states to put up these petty barriers to entry. >> it would dramatically hinder us and as well as, you know, probably the majority of the 7,000 wineries in the united states who tend toen on the smaller side. >> reporter: and -- to be on the smaller side. >> reporter: it's not just wineries. as smaller liquor and beer brands that exploded in numbers and popularity in recent years
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setting up the battle brewing on washington's doorstep. the lame duck congress is not expected to think up this bill and some representatives who want signed on say they're now reconsidering. the supreme court has also weighed in ruling that state alcohol distribution laws cannot discriminate between in and out of state wineries. in los angeles adam housely, fox news. william and kate, the weeing the world is talking about, but -- the wedding the world is talking about, but tonight it's all on the business boom. the small town looking forward to cashing in. and with black friday now over, time for cyber monday deals. find out just how many of you plan to log on and where. i've got a little tip for you. don't tell your boss. and it's not merry christmas. it's merry kissmas in london. celebrations are lighting up the new night with an interactive new feature that
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lets couples stroll the scenery. s
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over the next few months aier remote angled called angelcy will get a lot more populated because prince william and kate middleton share a home there. villages expect to see more paparazzi visit as the wedding draws closer. people? >>ing around are -- people up. >>ing around are searching for any -- snooping around are
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searching for any tidbits of information. >> villagers say when william and kate are in town they are pretty low key. they visit shops like everyone else and villagers say the couple goes about their business and are generally not bothered, but that could change as the wedding gets closer. it will take place april 29th at westminster abbey. a health alert tonight for anyone with a smoker in their lives. maureen umeh has your fox 5 top five. >> no surprise smoking kills, but don't tonight a new study reveals it is also deadly for those breathing in secondhand. at no. 5 secondhand smoke kills sick hundred thousand people each year around the world in addition it -- 600,000 people each year around the world in addition to the more than 5 million smokers who die from inhaling tobacco. no. 4, dr. laura jumping to sirius xm radio next year. laura schlessinger quit her dr. laura advice show after an uproar in the summer when she used a racial slur 11 times
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during her segment. her traditional radio show ends friday, december 31st. no. 3, a growing exhibit for the entire family or you can call it a growling exhibit, too. the three male cheetahs that left the national zoo in 2009 have returned and are going on exhibit this weekend. the 5 1/2-year-old brothers draco, granger and zabini named after harry potter story characters have been living at the zoo in front portal, virginia. no. 2, tomorrow is the first ever small business saturday to get people to spend more money at mom and pop establishments. some small businesses are still struggling in this economy, as you know. no. 1, are you ready for cyber monday? for half of people with internet at work will shop at the office. that's 71.000000 people. a new survey -- 71 million people. a new survey shows retailers are planning online promotions
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this monday. that is tonight's fox 5 top five. lindsay, i'm ready to get my christmas on. how should i dress dome? >> very warm because the temperatures are dip -- tomorrow? >> very warm because the temperatures are dipping tonight. cold night out there, wisdom. a look out, clearing skies, clouds finally getting out of the way, but the colder air is settling in and making itself right at home. let's begin now with a look at our maps. we'll show you exactly what we're talking about. our weather headlines begin with a big drop in the temperatures tonight. we've got gusty cold winds ahead as well. some of you felt a lot of strong wind today in some of our neighborhoods. the weekend also has sunshine, ask but we have unsettled days ahead as we move into the beginning of next week. so temperatures right now, 37 degrees at gaithersburg, the same at frederick, 36 to the west in martinsburg here, 45 in culpeper, 42 degrees in annapolis, 38 baltimore and 42
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degrees officially at national airport. today temperatures were into the upper 50s and low 60s, above seasonal average for today, but we'll be much cooler as we move into tomorrow. wind is another problem as well. today we had wind gusts fairly high. across the area now to the north of us 23 mile-per-hour wind gusts for martinsburg, 20 at frederick and gaithersburg, but the winds increase into the overnight hours and to the west along the blue ridge we have a wind advisory in effect until noon saturday gusting 45 to 50 miles an hour if that's where you're headed to with your driving. so along the great lakes we've got a storm system producing a fair amount of snow through here finally going to end moving west to east, some icy roads. do be careful. conditions will say clear and cold and a frontal system -- stay clear and cold and a frontal system behind it. strong winds as well tomorrow but no shortage of sunshine. we've got sunshine that's going to last us through until monday. then we'll be dealing with a storm system that will move in
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from the midsection of country and that will set us up by tuesday for a fair. rainfall. we'll see a lot of moisture pulled in from the atlantic -- fair amount of rainfall. we'll see a lot of moisture pulled in from the atlantic as well as the gulf. in the meantime tonight clear skies, cold, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. bring in your plants from outside and if you are lining up to get in store for any shopping, make sure you dress warm. here is a look at your dayplanner. by mid day 44 degrees, tomorrow 41 degrees by 5:00, nowhere near where we were today at 61 degrees at national. your daytime high tomorrow 45. the sun sticks around until we hit monday. by tuesday we start to see a big change. that's that storm system coming in. we'll see cloudy skies and rainfall tuesday. the rain sticks around wednesday as well. we hope you'll stick around. lindsay murphy is up with all your sports highlight. we'll be right back.
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good morning. i'm lindsay murphy and i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the redskins are in bad shape this week bitten by the injury bug, clinton portis done for the year. laron landry and ryan torain out against the vikings and santana moss, lorenzo alexander and carlos rogers are all game time decisions, 10 players listed as questionable. that hurts. the game, it must go on. when the vikings come to town, which brett favre will they bring, the future hall of famer
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and 11th time pro bowler or the 41-year-old looking his age on the field with just a 69.8 passer rating and a league leading 17 interceptions. either way the redskins are ready for dr. jekyll or mr. hyde. >> brett's different. you never know what you're going to get. you may get that brett that's going to throw 300 some yards and have a good game. you may get that brett that loses the ball three or four times. >> he's going to give us some chances to make plays. glad randy moss isn't with those guys, but they are definitely going to sneak it around. capital's goalie semyon varlamov started for the second time after missing more than a month after a groin injury and he was like a brick wall tonight. the capitals could not be stopped. 2nd period capitals already up 2-0 , marcus johansson leading a two-on-one gives it up to alex see semin and semin is far
11:25 pm
from being done. no. 28 nets another goal. the capitals lead 4 -0. smith would be pulled, enter dan ellis and he would not fare much better. semin scores again on the power play, a natural hat trick scoring all three in a row. he now has three hat tricks in 35 days, a team record. the capitals win 6-0. >> the week's not over yet, but i mean, you know, they knew they were better than what they'd shown and they knew they were better than what people were saying about us and so i think they dug deep and will try to dig deep again sunday. college football, maryland may have lost a chance to may for the acc title last week after losing to florida state, but tomorrow's game against nc state is still really important as the team fights for the best bowl possible, plus it's senior day, which is extra special this year. >> this is a special bunch of seniors. with the leadership they
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provided this year to get this team where it is to me is one of my favorite groups. >> there's still a lot at stake for our team with this game. having a chance to improve our goal position, it's just got a lot of stuff on the line. over at the comcast the center hoops team hosting the phoenix and maybe the terps had a bit too much turkey yesterday because they were off to a really slow start. elon up with the lead. the phoenix lead 34-41 at the break. tied at 34 at the half off the inbound, floyd tucker with the easy layup and maryland grabs its first lead and would continue to bring the heat working the ball inside to jordan williams, the big man a game high 24 points. maryland is a winner 76-57. couple other notes, virginia tech hoops beats oklahoma state at the 76 classic. the hokie football team can be
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seen right here tomorrow at noon as they battle virginia and, of course, our game of the briarwoods who beat broad run 24-21. that's all for sports. we'll be right back. charlie, zach and jb have a reputation
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